[ClusterLabs] Pacemaker 1.1.13 Release cycle begins!

Andrew Beekhof andrew at beekhof.net
Fri Mar 27 01:18:38 EDT 2015

I know I've been threatening this for a while, but I'm pleased to report that the release cycle for 1.1.13 has finally begun.

The full changelog is rather long and available at:

but the highlights are:

- Allow fail-counts to be removed en-mass when the new attrd is in operation
- attrd_updater: Allow attributes to be set for other nodes
- attrd_updater: support --query and --all options
- attrd_updater: support private attributes
- crmd: If configured, trigger the watchdog immediately if we loose quorum and no-quorum-policy=suicide
- crm_resource: Implement an intelligent restart capability
- crm_resource: Implement a --wait option for scripts to block with until the changes take place 
- Fencing: Allow the cluster to recover resources if the watchdog is in use
- fencing: cl#5134 - Support random fencing delay to avoid double fencing
- mcp: Turn on sbd integration if pacemakerd finds it running
- penigne: Allow natural ordering of colocation sets
- pengine: Per-node control over resource discovery
- pengine: Support non-actionable degraded mode for OCF
- Support machine panics for some kinds of errors (via sbd if available)
- ipc: use server enforced buffer during ipc client send

At this stage integration testing results are pretty solid but any testing feedback would be welcome.
In particular though we need testing of:
- sbd integration
- private attrd attributes (attributes not written to the cib)
- crm_resource --restart and --wait
- the resource-discovery capabilities

With the release cycle underway, anything intended for the release needs to be a pull request against the 1.1 branch.
Features and low-priority changes can still be submitted against master.

-- Andrew

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