[ClusterLabs] Tomcat resource restart

Daniel Rodriguez Escobar danielr.escobar at ayesa.com
Wed Mar 25 10:19:54 EDT 2015


I have made a cluster with gfs2 and Tomcat. All seems to work fine except when I run "standby" to activate a node that was previously disabled,  the Tomcat service in the other node restarts instead of continue running. I have the two nodes as Active/Active, so the resource has been created as clone ("pcs config" output):

Clone: liferay-clone
  Resource: liferay (class=ocf provider=heartbeat type=tomcat)
   Attributes: java_home=/opt/java17/ catalina_home=/opt/liferay62/tomcat catalina_base=/opt/liferay62/tomcat
   Meta Attrs: master-max=2 tomcat_user=liferay
   Operations: monitor interval=60s (liferay-monitor-interval-60s)
               start interval=0s timeout=160s (liferay-start-timeout-160s)
               stop interval=0s timeout=30s (liferay-stop-timeout-30s)

Do I need to configure another options in that resource in order to avoid the Tomcat of the other node restarts when the node disabled is activated again?

Thank you in advance and regards,

Dani Rodriguez.

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