[ClusterLabs] Need help regarding using and customizing pacemaker along with supported modules e.g. corosync CMAN etc

Siddharth Verma SIDDHARTH.VERMA at radisys.com
Mon Mar 16 01:29:43 EDT 2015

Hello Everyone,

We need your support in understanding the pacemaker and corosync architecture and C API's, in-order to develop a high availability system from the scratch.
We have gone through almost all of the document available on the clusterlabs.org site and unable to figure out how can we use the pacemaker and other supported modules from a developers point of view. Most of the available documents explains how to do the configuration.

Is there any good documentation available on the internal architecture or how one can proceed with developing a system using the C api's provided by these modules(pacemaker, corosync, cman etc).

Is there any sample application available to get hands on how to use the API's.

Our requirement is to make an ATCA chassis with multiple hardware cards(used as separate computing platform or nodes - as a standalone computer) highly available for the software and its hardware components. Please guide us.

Siddharth Verma
Mobile: +91-9880621252
siddharth.verma at radisys.com<mailto:siddharth.verma at radisys.com>

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