[ClusterLabs] Postgres streaming VIP-REP not coming up on slave

Wynand Jansen van Vuuren esawyja at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 03:09:59 EDT 2015

Hi all,

I have 2 nodes, with 2 interfaces each, ETH0 is used for an application,
CBC, that's writing to the Postgres DB on the VIP-MASTER,
ETH1 is used for the Corosync configuration and VIP-REP, everything works,
but if the master currently on cl1_lb1 has a catastrophic failure, like
power down, the VIPs does not start on the slave, the Postgres parts works
fine, cl2_lb1 takes over and acts as a slave, but the VIPs does not come
up. If I test it manually, IE kill the application 3 times on the master,
the switchover is smooth, same if I kill Postgres on master, but when there
is a power failure on the Master, the VIPs stay down. If I then delete the
attributes pgsql-data-status="LATEST" and attributes
pgsql-data-status="STREAMING|SYNC" on the slave after power off on the
master and restart everything, then the VIPs come up on the slave, any
ideas please?
I'm using this setup

With this configuration below
node cl1_lb1 \
        attributes pgsql-data-status="LATEST"
node cl2_lb1 \
        attributes pgsql-data-status="STREAMING|SYNC"
primitive CBC_instance ocf:heartbeat:cbc \
        op monitor interval="60s" timeout="60s" on-fail="restart" \
        op start interval="0s" timeout="60s" on-fail="restart" \
        meta target-role="Started" migration-threshold="3"
primitive failover_MailTo ocf:heartbeat:MailTo \
        params email="wynandj at rorotika.com" subject="Cluster Status change
- " \
        op monitor interval="10" timeout="10" dept="0"
primitive pgsql ocf:heartbeat:pgsql \
        params pgctl="/opt/app/PostgreSQL/9.3/bin/pg_ctl"
config="/opt/app/pgdata/9.3/postgresql.conf" pgdba="postgres"
pgdata="/opt/app/pgdata/9.3/" start_opt="-p 5432" rep_mode="sync"
node_list="cl1_lb1 cl2_lb1" restore_command="cp /pgtablespace/archive/%f
%p" primary_conninfo_opt="keepalives_idle=60 keepalives_interval=5
keepalives_count=5" master_ip="" restart_on_promote="false"
logfile="/var/log/OCF.log" \
        op start interval="0s" timeout="60s" on-fail="restart" \
        op monitor interval="4s" timeout="60s" on-fail="restart" \
        op monitor interval="3s" role="Master" timeout="60s"
on-fail="restart" \
        op promote interval="0s" timeout="60s" on-fail="restart" \
        op demote interval="0s" timeout="60s" on-fail="stop" \
        op stop interval="0s" timeout="60s" on-fail="block" \
        op notify interval="0s" timeout="60s"
primitive vip-master ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr2 \
        params ip="" nic="eth0" iflabel="CBC_VIP"
cidr_netmask="24" \
        op start interval="0s" timeout="60s" on-fail="restart" \
        op monitor interval="10s" timeout="60s" on-fail="restart" \
        op stop interval="0s" timeout="60s" on-fail="block" \
        meta target-role="Started"
primitive vip-rep ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr2 \
        params ip="" nic="eth1" iflabel="REP_VIP"
cidr_netmask="24" \
        meta migration-threshold="0" target-role="Started" \
        op start interval="0s" timeout="60s" on-fail="stop" \
        op monitor interval="10s" timeout="60s" on-fail="restart" \
        op stop interval="0s" timeout="60s" on-fail="restart"
group master-group vip-master vip-rep CBC_instance failover_MailTo
ms msPostgresql pgsql \
        meta master-max="1" master-node-max="1" clone-max="2"
clone-node-max="1" notify="true"
colocation rsc_colocation-1 inf: master-group msPostgresql:Master
order rsc_order-1 0: msPostgresql:promote master-group:start
order rsc_order-2 0: msPostgresql:demote master-group:stop symmetrical=false
property $id="cib-bootstrap-options" \
        dc-version="1.1.9-2db99f1" \
        cluster-infrastructure="classic openais (with plugin)" \
        expected-quorum-votes="2" \
        no-quorum-policy="ignore" \
        stonith-enabled="false" \
        cluster-recheck-interval="1min" \
        crmd-transition-delay="0s" \
        rsc_defaults $id="rsc-options" \
        resource-stickiness="INFINITY" \
#vim:set syntax=pcmk

Any ideas please, I'm lost......
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