[ClusterLabs] Information regrading pacemaker integration with user application

Ramya Ramadurai Ramya.Ramadurai at radisys.com
Mon Mar 16 00:56:51 EDT 2015

Hello ,

We are evaluating pacemaker HA provided by linux to integrate with the user application being developed for a telecom system
The requirement of this application in a high level is
1)The application is to be run on a ATCA chassis 46XX which is a 6 slot chassis consisting of 2 SCM (shelf management cards) and 4 CPM -9 blades
The application will be sitting on CPM-9 blades .
2)In order to support the HA for this application ,we are planning to make one of the CPM-9 cards as standby card which will take over once the active goes faulty.Active unit can go fault either when application goes down or due to ATCA hardware ,any ATCA related faults etc.
3)The application after switchover to standby unit should function as if there should be no downtime(probably in the order of millisec) and it should maintain all the
Real time data.

We have gone through the Clusters from scratch document and basic information on how pacemaker works .But we did not find any example where pacemaker exposes some API
For any user application to be integrated
>From the doxygen related documentation also ,we are unable to map on what is the way the functions are called,what is the purpose of functions etc ..
Can you please help us in getting some details and in depth on pacemaker internals.Also it would be of great help if you can suggest on how to integrate the above application to pacemaker,the components to be built around pacemaker to interact with ATCA


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