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Fri Jul 31 16:44:13 EDT 2015

On 31/07/15 04:26 PM, Streeter, Michelle N wrote:
> The previous administrator setup our cluster using  the cman version and
> the cluster.conf file.   I we want to upgrade to pacemaker 1.9 on our
> rhel 6.6 and so I have been testing this upgrade.   But I noticed that
> the cib.xml does not reflect what we have in the cluster.conf file.   Is
> there a tool or something to port the configuration to the cib?  
> Michelle Streeter

Hi Michelle,

  A couple of things; First, please use 1.1.12 that ships with
RHEL/CentOS 6.6.

  There is a pretty significant change from cman/rgmanager to pacemaker,
and the cluster.conf doesn't map 1:1. That said, Jan Pokorný from Red
Hat has been working on a project called 'clufter' that aims to assist
this transition:


  If you are relatively new to clustering, this might help provide some
clarity on why things changed:


  If I might suggest, with RHEL 7.1 starting to firm up and given that
pacemaker on RHEL 6 requires the cman plugin (RHEL 7 does not), and
given that you'll want time to learn and understand all this, you might
want to try a fresh build on RHEL 7 with pacemaker 1.1.12 and corosync
v2, which changed a lot from the v1 days (it became the quorum provider,
among other things).

  If you don't have a pressing need to move from rgmanager to pacemaker,
I'd leave the RHEL 6 + cman + rgmanager cluster alone and focus my time
on learning a fresh build. You can then use the production rgmanager
configuration as your template to reproduce in pacemaker.

  In any case, we're here to help so please ask. The #clusterlabs IRC
channel is fairly active as well, though folks span many timezones, so
if you ask a question and no one answers, please hang around. Folks are
good about reading/replying when they come online.

  Welcome to HA!


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