[ClusterLabs] How to cluster a service with multiple possibilities

David Gersic dgersic at niu.edu
Fri Jul 24 10:43:37 EDT 2015

I have a process (OpenSLP slpd) that I'd like to cluster. Unfortunately, this process provides multiple services, depending what it finds in its configuration file on startup. I need to have the process running on all of the cluster nodes, but on one node I need to start it with an alternate config file to enable some additional services. slpd itself supports an alternate config file option on its command line.

What I'm trying to express is some combination of location and concurrency, but I'm stumped at how to configure this.

Simplified, for a three node cluster with nodes node1, node2, node3, configure three services, service1, service2, and service3, where service[1-3] cannot coexist on the same node, but where service1 is more important than service[2-3].

So normally I'd have node1 running service1, node2 running service2, node3 running service3.

If either node2 or node3 goes down, that's no big deal, service2 or service3 goes down with it, but will come back up when the node returns to service.

If node1 goes down, I need to have service2 stopped, and service1 moved to node2 (or service3/node3). When node1 returns, service1 moves back to node1 and service2 is restarted on node2.

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