[ClusterLabs] Fencing in a 3 node cluster

Nicolas S. lists at tropicdreams.net
Fri Jul 10 02:37:34 EDT 2015


I'm working on a 3 node cluster project.
I didnt want to go to 2 node cluster , I'd rather3 nodes for the ressources, and to have a quorum. My 3 machines are identical.

Each machine exports a disk to the cluster via iscsi (it's to simulate a SAN on my test platform).
For the moment all is running : dlm + clvm (+ cmirror) + gfs2

I now want to add the fencing to my cluster (for the moment it's disabled in the cluster config). My problem is to choose the right fencing/stonith.

My questions :

- As I have a quorum , do I need fencing ?
- I can't use an ipmi/drac or so fencing agent, my cluster is on a very low-cost test platform it hasn't remote reboot/poweroff access.
- Maybe I could use the fence_scsi, but how to use it on 3 nodes ? Where should I place the fencing disk ? If the node exporting the disk fails, there is no more fencing.
- Any other advice will be helpful :)


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