[ClusterLabs] Resource stop when another resource run on that node

John Gogu ionut.gogu at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 02:18:51 EDT 2015

this is what i have setup but is now working 100%:

Online: [ node01hb0 node02hb0 ]
Full list of resources:
 IP1_Vir        (ocf::heartbeat:IPaddr):        Started node01hb0
 IP2_Vir        (ocf::heartbeat:IPaddr):        Started node02hb0

 default-resource-stickiness: 2000

​Location Constraints:
  Resource: IP1_Vir
    Enabled on: node01hb0 (score:1000)

  Resource: IP2_Vir
    Disabled on: node01hb0 (score:-INFINITY)

Colocation Constraints:
  IP2_Vir with IP1_Vir (score:-INFINITY)

​When i move manual the resource ​IP1_Vir from node01hb0 > node02hb0 all is
fine, IP2_Vir is stopped.
When i crash node node01hb0 / stop pacemaker > both resources are stopped.

John Gogu​
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