[ClusterLabs] [OCF] Overhaul of the OCF resource agent api spec

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Thu Feb 12 19:38:47 EST 2015

On 02/12/2015 08:14 AM, Andrew Beekhof wrote:
>> I'm not using the OCF RA with Pacemaker.  I use it for alerting in
>> > Assimilation.  Free-form would work, but then it couldn't be free form -
>> > it would have to have some structure to it ;-).  Certainly exit codes
>> > would be useful here to allow the free form text to be free form.
>> > 
>> > If you made the "free form" text to be JSON, then you could eliminate
>> > exit codes altogether - but I think the strict structure of exit codes
>> > serves a purpose of making it easier to decipher the meaning of what was
>> > observed.
> Exactly. Exit codes are authoritative, the text is optional and intended to be purely informational for the benefit of the end user.
/me falls out of his chair.  Gets back up and shakes his head...

Mark this on your calendar - 12 February 2015 - Alan and Andrew are in
agreement 8-O.

    -- Alan Robertson
       alanr at unix.sh

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