[ClusterLabs] crm shell: "help migrate" is somewhat "thin"...

Ulrich Windl Ulrich.Windl at rz.uni-regensburg.de
Mon Dec 28 03:17:41 EST 2015


When trying to migrate a clone resource I got this (SLES11 SP4 with crmsh-2.1.2+git49.g2e3fa0e-1.32):
# crm resource migrate cln_ctdb PT5M
Resource 'cln_ctdb' not moved: active in 2 locations.
You can prevent 'cln_ctdb' from running on a specific location with: --ban --host <name>
Error performing operation: Invalid argument

So when I tried "help migrate" in interactive crm shell, I only get this:
crm(live)resource# help migrate
Migrate a resource to another node

Migrate a resource to a different node. If node is left out, the
resource is migrated by creating a constraint which prevents it from
running on the current node. Additionally, you may specify a
lifetime for the constraint---once it expires, the location
constraint will no longer be active.


migrate <rsc> [<node>] [<lifetime>] [force]

My guess is that the help is incomplete!
Can you temporarily provide a corrected usage text?


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