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Tyler Hampton dr.frankinfurter at gmail.com
Mon Dec 14 01:18:23 EST 2015


I'm currently trying to semi-follow Sebastien Han's blog post on
implementing HA with Ceph rbd volumes and I am hitting some walls. The
difference between what I'm trying to do and the blog post is that I'm
trying to implement an active/passive instead of an active/active.

I am able to get the two nodes to recognize each other and for a single
node to assume resources. However, the setup is fairly finnicky (I'm
assuming due to my ignorance) and I can't get it to work most of the time.

When I do get a pair and try to fail over (service pacemaker stop) the node
that I'm stopping pacemaker on fails to unload its controlled resources and
goes into a loop. A 'proper' failover has only happened twice.

pacemaker stop output (with log output):

resource configuration:

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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