[ClusterLabs] Antw: new version of Cronlink RA

Ulrich Windl Ulrich.Windl at rz.uni-regensburg.de
Mon Dec 7 04:40:00 EST 2015


I wonder: It seems it does the same thing as the RA I wrote some years ago:
(crm ra info ISC-cron)
OCF Resource Agent managing crontabs for ISC cron (ocf:xola:ISC-cron)

OCF Resource Agent managing crontabs for ISC cron

This RA manages crontabs for the ISC cron daemon by managing links to specific
crontabs in /etc/cron.d.
The "start" method adds a symbolic link for the specified crontab file to
/etc/cron.d, while the "stop" method removes that link again.
The "monitor" method tests if a link for the specified crontab exists in

Parameters (*: required, []: default):

crontab* (string): Name of crontab file
    Name of the crontab file. The file cannot be inside

linkname (string): Name of crontab link
    Name of the link to the crontab file inside
    /etc/cron.d.  If absent, the name of the "crontab" parameter is used.

Operations' defaults (advisory minimum):

    start         timeout=30s
    stop          timeout=30s
    reload        timeout=30s
    monitor       timeout=30s interval=5m
Example config would look like this:
primitive prm_cron_sample ocf:xola:ISC-cron \
        params crontab="/etc/crontabs/sample" \
        op start interval=0 timeout=30 \
        op stop interval=0 timeout=30 \
        op monitor interval=600 timeout=30

If active the RA will create a symlink in /etc/cron.d to /etc/crontabs/sample (which must be owned by root and writable only by root)

We use it combined wioth colocation for other primitives...

If people are interested, I can publish the current version.


>>> Charles Williams <chuck at itadmins.net> schrieb am 17.11.2015 um 10:05 in
Nachricht <1447751118.5585.3.camel at attitude>:

> hey all,
> just finished a new version of the cronlink RA. If interested in testing
> you can get it here:
> https://wiki.itadmins.net/doku.php?id=high_availability:ocf_cronlink 
> I currently have this in production (since 2012) and have had no issues.
> If you have any problems or ideas just let me know.
> Chuck

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