[ClusterLabs] [Slightly OT] OCFS2 over LVM

Jorge Fábregas jorge.fabregas at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 16:40:30 EDT 2015

On 08/23/2015 02:16 PM, Digimer wrote:
> One, this is on-topic, so don't worry. :)


> Two, I've never used ocfs2 (allergic to all things Oracle), but clvmd
> makes LVM cluster-aware, as you know. So I have no idea why they'd say
> that.

I just restarted everything and then it worked. I was doing a bunch of
stuff so I don't know what really happend.  It is working perfectly fine
now over LVM.  I even extended the logical volume and then used
"tunefs.ocfs2 -S /dev/vg1/lvol1" and it did the online-resize perfectly

Thanks Digimer & sorry for the noise!


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