[ClusterLabs] Antw: STONITH when both IB interfaces are down, and how to trigger Filesystem mount/umount failure to test STONITH?

Ulrich Windl Ulrich.Windl at rz.uni-regensburg.de
Wed Aug 19 07:52:12 EDT 2015


I think you problem can be reduced to a monitor that can detect that both IBs are down. Maybe test-reading (with timeout) from the filesystem? But take care: umount will not kill root processes that busy the filesystem in the normal stop-resource-case.

Try that?


>>> Marcin Dulak <marcin.dulak at gmail.com> schrieb am 19.08.2015 um 12:31 in
<CABJoABZfMv0N=XAz7Qkp_5RcisO4wBzLXj8dysLav1QCCVvOgw at mail.gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> i have two questions stated in the email's subject, but let me describe my
> system first.
> I have a Lustre over infiniband setup constiting of mgs, mds, and two oss,
> each oss has two ost's, but the questions are not specific to Lustre.
> Each server has two IPoIB interfaces which provide multipath redundancy to
> the SAN block devices.
> I'm using the crm configuration generated by the make-lustre-crm-config.py
> script
> available at https://github.com/gc3-uzh-ch/schroedinger-lustre-ha 
> After some changes (hostnames, IPs, and the fact that in my setup I have
> two IPoIB interfaces
> instead of just one), the script creates the attached crm.txt.
> I'm familiar with https://ourobengr.com/ha/ , which says:
> "If a stop (umount of the Lustre filesystem in this case) fails,
> the node will be fenced/STONITHd because this is the only safe thing to do".
> I have a working STONITH, with corosync communicating over eth0 interface.
> Let's take the example of server-02, which mounts Lustre's mdt.
> The server-02 is powered-off if I disable the eth0 interface on it,
> and mdt moves onto server-01 as expected.
> However if instead both IPoIB interfaces go down on server-02,
> the mdt is moved to server-01, but no STONITH is performed on server-02.
> This is expected, because there is nothing in the configuration that
> triggers
> STONITH in case of IB connection loss.
> Hovever if IPoIB is flapping this setup could lead to mdt moving
> back and forth between server-01 and server-02.
> Should I have STONITH shutting down a node that misses both IpoIB
> (remember they are passively redundant, only one active at a time)
> interfaces?
> If so, how to achieve that?
> The context for the second question: the configuration contains the
> following Filesystem template:
> rsc_template lustre-target-template ocf:heartbeat:Filesystem \
>   op monitor interval=120 timeout=60 OCF_CHECK_LEVEL=10 \
>   op start   interval=0   timeout=300 on-fail=fence \
>   op stop    interval=0   timeout=300 on-fail=fence
> How can I make umount/mount of Filesystem fail in order to test STONITH
> action in these cases?
> Extra question: where can I find the documentation/source what
> on-fail=fence is doing?
> Or what does it mean on-fail=stop in the ethmonitor template below (what is
> stopped?)?
> rsc_template netmonitor-30sec ethmonitor \
>   params repeat_count=3 repeat_interval=10 \
>   op monitor interval=15s timeout=60s \
>   op start   interval=0s  timeout=60s on-fail=stop \
> Marcin

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