[ClusterLabs] stonithd: stonith_choose_peer: Couldn't find anyone to fence <node> with <any>

Kostiantyn Ponomarenko konstantin.ponomarenko at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 08:36:35 EDT 2015

> Then make sure it can be stonithd. Add additional stonith agent using
> independent communication channel.

Not possible. Only one node up and running in the cluster and I am
wondering - can it STONITH itself? Because most likely, after reboot, the
problem can be gone.

> I have no idea what fence_sbb_hw is or does

That just reboots the peer. It is our specific STONITH agent.

> What this node does by itself really does not matter.

What if at some point there is only one node in the cluster?
In the solution am I working on there are two nodes form the cluster.
And it is possible to use this solution even with only one node.

I am satisfied with the "CASE 2" where Pacemaker shutdowns itself after
calling STONITH, despite that stonith agent didn't reboot "the needed node"
but returned false positive.
The only question is why this doesn't happen in "CASE 1"?

Thank you,
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