[ClusterLabs] Delayed first monitoring

Miloš Kozák milos.kozak at lejmr.com
Wed Aug 12 10:03:06 EDT 2015


I have set up and CoroSync+CMAN+Pacemaker at CentOS 6.5 in order to 
provide high-availability of opennebula. However, I am facing to a 
strange problem which raises from my lack of knowleadge..

In the log I can see that when I create a resource based on an init 
script, typically:

pcs resource create httpd lsb:httpd

The httpd daemon gets started, but monitor is initiated at the same time 
and the resource is identified as not running. This behaviour makes 
sense since we realize that the daemon starting takes some time. In this 
particular case, I get error code 2 which means that process is running, 
but environment is not locked. The effect of this is that httpd resource 
gets restarted.

My workaround is extra sleep in status function of the init script, but 
I dont like this solution at all! Do you have idea how to tackle this 
problem in a proper way? I expected an op attribut which would specify 
delay after service start and first monitoring, but I could not find it..

Thank you, Milos

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