[ClusterLabs] pcs resources command set missing a "reload"

T.J. Yang tjyang2001 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 20:03:56 EDT 2015


I have a need to reload a resource's configuration by doing "kill -HUP PID".
but looking at following sub commands after pcs resources, none of them is
reloading a daemon's config file.

restart is close but it shouldn't be used for reloading configure file.

   show [resource id] [--full] [--groups]
    list [<standard|provider|type>] [--nodesc]
    describe <standard:provider:type|type>
    create <resource id> <standard:provider:type|type> [resource options]
    delete <resource id|group id|master id|clone id>
    enable <resource id> [--wait[=n]]
    disable <resource id> [--wait[=n]]
    restart <resource id> [node] [--wait=n]
    debug-start <resource id> [--full]
    move <resource id> [destination node] [--master] [lifetime=<lifetime>]
    ban <resource id> [node] [--master] [lifetime=<lifetime>] [--wait[=n]]
    clear <resource id> [node] [--master] [--wait=n]
    agents [standard[:provider]]
    update <resource id> [resource options] [op [<operation action>
    meta <resource id | group id | master id | clone id> <meta options>
    group add <group name> <resource id> [resource id] ... [resource id]
    group remove <group name> <resource id> [resource id] ... [resource id]
    ungroup <group name> [resource id] ... [resource id] [--wait[=n]]
    clone <resource id | group id> [clone options]... [--wait[=n]]
    unclone <resource id | group name> [--wait[=n]]
    manage <resource id> ... [resource n]
    unmanage <resource id> ... [resource n]
    defaults [options]
    cleanup [<resource id>]
    failcount show <resource id> [node]
    failcount reset <resource id> [node]

Is reload command missed purposely by design ?
if not is it possible to add "reload" command to pcs in future release ?


T.J. Yang
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