[ClusterLabs] Error at testing live migration‏

Wilson Acero rasalax at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 8 12:59:02 EDT 2015

Hi Mr. Andrew. 
Thanks for your answer. 
I have compiled the latest version of pacemaker, (https://github.com/ClusterLabs/pacemaker/archive/Pacemaker-1.1.13-rc1.tar.gz  ) and run the tests, but the live migration still fails, when trying to reboot or shutdown the machine. 
Do I have to work with a specific corosync version or centos kernel? 
Thank you very much. 

##compilation output: 
pacemaker configuration:  Version                  = 1.1.12 (Build: 3e93bc1)  Features                 = libqb-logging libqb-ipc upstart systemd nagios  corosync-native atomic-attrd acls
  Prefix                   = /usr  Executables              = /usr/sbin  Man pages                = /usr/share/man  Libraries                = /usr/lib64  Header files             = /usr/include  Arch-independent files   = /usr/share  State information        = /var  System configuration     = /etc  Corosync Plugins         = /usr/lib64
  Use system LTDL          = yes
  HA group name            = haclient  HA user name             = hacluster

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