[Pacemaker] Change disk

NetLink netlink at netlink.com.br
Wed Sep 14 10:27:13 EDT 2016

My two node email server cluster uses corosync 1.4.2.

One device (/dev/drbd3), which only holds the email data in a separated
disk, is running out of space.

To change the two disks for bigger ones I'm thinking to use the following

1.            Put node 2 in standby

2.            Change and configure the new bigger disk on node 2

3.            Put node 2 back online and wait for syncing.

4.            Put node 1 in standby and repeat the procedure

Would this approach work? 

I'm concerned if the meta data of the new disk created on node 2 with
drdbadm create-md r3 would conflict with node 1. 

Or even better, is there a 'how to' specific for this case?


Best regards.


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