[Pacemaker] create 2 node cluster with clvm starting with one node

Sven Moeller smoeller at nichthelfer.de
Thu Sep 24 08:26:40 EDT 2015


I have to build a 2 node NFS Cluster based on Pacemaker/Corosync. The Volume used for the filesystem that will be exported by NFS is on a shared storage. I would like to use cLVM on this Volume. The challenge is, at the moment just one node is available. That means, I have to create the cluster configuration for a two node cluster by having just one node available.

Is it possible to get cLVM running with just one node? Is this possible by setting quorum policy to ignore?

Is it possible to get cLVM running without enabling Stonith? (as long as i got only one of the two nodes, I'm forced to disable stonith, because the other node is in production).

thank's and kind regards


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