[Pacemaker] Fencing gone bad, sometimes...

Robert Lindgren robert.lindgren at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 05:46:58 EDT 2015


I have a small problem with an active-active cluster, running drbd and gfs2
on Ubuntu Trusty. The problem is that after a couple of days running, then
testing the fencing, it looks like the node how does the fencing gets the
info to do the fencing, but never really does it! Running the same test
again when everything is freshly restart, the node stoniths the other node
directly. So it's working, but not after awhile.

My question is if someone here knows if this is a known problem in 1.1.10
(which is the version provided in Ubuntu)

Hopefully one of you brainiacs know a little about this strange thing :)

Robert Lindgren
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