[Pacemaker] Reinstall Pacemaker/Corosync.

emmanuel segura emi2fast at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 05:28:40 EST 2015

I don't remember well, But I think in Redhat 6.5 you need to use
cman+pacemaker and please your config and you need to be sure you have
fencing configured.

2015-11-24 11:18 GMT+01:00 Cayab, Jefrey E. <jcayab at gmail.com>:
> Hi all,
> I searched online but couldn't find a detailed answer. OS is RHEL 6.5.
> Problem:
> I have 2 servers which was setup fine (MySQL cluster is on it, DRBD for the
> data disk on local disk) on which these 2 servers needs to be migrated to
> other location. When it was migrated, the DRBD has to change from local disk
> to SAN LUN which was migrated ok but the cluster began experiencing weird
> behavior. Then the 2 nodes are shutdown and booted together, each server can
> see each other as online via "crm_mon -1" but when one of the node's
> pacemaker process is restarted, the status of that node from the other node
> stays offline/stopped, even if I reboot that node, it doesn't join back the
> cluster.
> Other observation - if these 2 servers boot up together, both see online as
> above and when I stop pacemaker process on the Active node, the other node
> takes over the resources which is good but even if I start back the
> pacemaker process on the other node, it's not able to take back the
> resources. Kind of like, only one failover can happen and cannot failback.
> What I did:
> I removed Pacemaker and Corosync via YUM
> Rebooted the OS
> Verified no more Pacemaker/Corosync packages
> Installed back Pacemaker and Corosync via YUM
> When I did "crm_mon -1", I'm surprised to see that configuration is still
> there.
> After the reinstallation, still experiencing the same behavior and noticed
> that DRBD is reporting Failed disk - only a reboot of the node can bring it
> back to UpToDate.
> Please advise on the correct procedure to wipe out the configuration and
> reinstallation.
> I will share the logs shortly.
> Thanks,
> Jef
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