[Pacemaker] move service basing on both connection status and hostname

Stefano Sasso stesasso at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 11:00:30 EST 2015

Hi Guys,
  I am having some troubles with the location constraint.

In particular, what I want to achieve, is to run my service on a host; if
the ip interconnection fails I want to migrate it to another host, but on
IP connectivity restoration the resource should move again on the primary

So, I have this configuration:

primitive vfy_ether ocf:pacemaker:l2check \
>         params nic_list="eth1 eth2" debug="false" dampen="1s" \
>         op monitor interval="2s"
> clone ck_ether vfy_ether
> location cli-ethercheck MCluster \
>         rule $id="cli-prefer-rule-ethercheck" -inf: not_defined l2ckd or
> l2ckd lt 2
> location cli-prefer-masterIP MCluster \
>         rule $id="cli-prefer-rule-masterIP" 50: #uname eq GHA-MO-1

when the connectivity fails on the primary node, the resource is correctly
moved to the secondary one.
But, on IP connectivity restoration, the resource stays on the secondary
node (and does not move to the primary one).

How can I solve that?
Any hint? :-)

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