[Pacemaker] Some questions on the currenct state

Trevor Hemsley themsley at voiceflex.com
Mon Jan 12 10:41:59 EST 2015

On 12/01/15 15:09, Andreas Mock wrote:
> Hi all,
> almost allways when I'm forced to do some major upgrades
> to our core machines in terms of hardware and/or software (OS)
> I'm forced to have a look at the current state of pacemaker 
> based HA. Things are going on and things change. Projects
> converge and diverge, tool(s)/chains come and go and
> distributions marketing strategies change. Therefor I want
> to ask the following question in the hope list members
> deeply involved can answer easily.
> 1) Are there pacemaker packages für RHEL 6.6 and clones?
> When yes where?

In the CentOS (etc) base/updates repos. For RHEL they're in the HA channel.

> 2) How can I create a pacemaker package 1.1.12 on my own from
> the git sources?
It's already in base/updates.

> 3) How can I get the current versions of pcs and/or crmsh?
> Is pcs competitive to crmsh meanwhile?
pcs is in el6.6 and now includes pcsd. You can get crmsh from an
opensuse build repo for el6.
> 4) Is the pacemaker HA solution of RHEL 7.x still bound to use
> of cman?
> 5) Where can I find a currenct workable version of the agents
> for RHEL 6.6 (and clones) and RHEL 7.x?
Probably you want the resource-agents package.


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