[Pacemaker] Pre/post-action notifications for master-slave and clone resources

Vladislav Bogdanov bubble at hoster-ok.com
Tue Jan 27 05:57:10 EST 2015


Playing with two-week old git master on a two-node cluster I discovered 
that only limited set of "notify" operations is performed for clone and 
master-slave instances when all of them are being started/stopped.

Clones (anonymous):
* post-start
* pre-stop

* post-start
* post-promote
* pre-demote
* pre-stop

According to Pacemaker Explained there should be more:

* pre-start
* pre-promote
* post-demote
* post-stop

Some notifications (pre-stop for my clone and pre-demote for ms) are 
repeated twice (due to transition aborts or fact that multiple instances 
are stopping/demoting?) but that has minor impact for me.

I tested that by setting stop-all-resources property to 'true' and 'false'.

On the other hand, if I put one node with running instances into standby 
and then into online states, I see all missing notifications.

I that intended that actions above are not performed when all instances 
are handled simultaneously?

One more question about 'post' notifications: Are they "send" to RA 
right after corresponding main action is finished or they wait in the 
transition queue? In other words, is it possible to get post-stop 
notification that the "foreign" instance is stopped during the time the 
stop action on the local instance is still running?


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