[Pacemaker] Pacemaker memory usage

Santosh_Bidaralli at Dell.com Santosh_Bidaralli at Dell.com
Wed Jan 21 16:34:41 EST 2015


We are trying to introduce clustering to our embedded environment using pacemaker and corosync.
Our environment includes following packages and modules for the initial test:

1.       Pacemaker - version 1.1.10

2.       Corosync  - version 2.3.4

3.       Corosync.conf file find it attached to this email thread

4.       2 Nodes in the cluster (master and slave)

5.       Test app1 that publishes some sensor data (only Master node publishes, slave node just receives the data)

6.       Test app2 that receives the published data and outputs on the screen (only master node outputs the data on the screen)

Our test has been successful and we are able to create a cluster with 2 nodes and everything seems to be working fine. However we observed that pacemaker is consuming approx. 80MB of RAM when both the test applications are alive.

We would like to know if there are any configuration settings or fine tuning that we need to perform to reduce the memory usage. It is very critical to reduce the memory consumption as we are running it in embedded environment.

Santosh Bidaralli

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