[Pacemaker] One more globally-unique clone question

Vladislav Bogdanov bubble at hoster-ok.com
Fri Jan 16 09:25:47 EST 2015

Hi all,

Trying to reproduce problem with early stop of globally-unique clone 
instances during move to another node I found one more "interesting" 

Due to the different order of resources in the CIB and extensive use of 
constraints between other resources (odd number of resources 
cluster-wide) two CLUSTERIP instances are always allocated to the same 
node in the new testing cluster.

What would be the best/preferred way to make them run on different nodes 
by default?

I see following options:
* Raise priority of globally-unique clone so its instances are always 
allocated first of all.
* Use utilization attributes (with high values for nodes and low values 
for cluster resources).
* Anything else?

If I configure virtual IPs one-by-one (without clone), I can add a 
colocation constraint with negative score between them. I do not see a 
way to scale that setup well though (5-10 IPs).
So, what would be the best option to achieve the same with 
globally-unique cloned resource?
May be there should be some internal preference/colocation not to place 
them together (like default stickiness=1 for clones)?
Or even allow special negative colocation constraint and the same 
resource in both 'what' and 'with'
(colocation col1 -1: clone clone)?


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