[Pacemaker] Unique clone instance is stopped too early on move

Vladislav Bogdanov bubble at hoster-ok.com
Tue Jan 13 02:20:58 EST 2015

Hi Andrew, David, all.

I found a little bit strange operation ordering during transition execution.

Could you please look at the following partial configuration (crmsh syntax)?

clone cl-broker broker \
        meta interleave=true target-role=Started
clone cl-broker-vips broker-vips \
        meta clone-node-max=2 globally-unique=true interleave=true resource-stickiness=0 target-role=Started
clone cl-ctdb ctdb \
        meta interleave=true target-role=Started
colocation broker-vips-with-broker inf: cl-broker-vips cl-broker
colocation broker-with-ctdb inf: cl-broker cl-ctdb
order broker-after-ctdb inf: cl-ctdb cl-broker
order broker-vips-after-broker 0: cl-broker cl-broker-vips

After I put one node to standby and then back to online, I see the following transition (relevant excerpt):

 * Pseudo action:   cl-broker-vips_stop_0
 * Resource action: broker-vips:1   stop on c-pa-0
 * Pseudo action:   cl-broker-vips_stopped_0
 * Pseudo action:   cl-ctdb_start_0
 * Resource action: ctdb            start on c-pa-1
 * Pseudo action:   cl-ctdb_running_0
 * Pseudo action:   cl-broker_start_0
 * Resource action: ctdb            monitor=10000 on c-pa-1
 * Resource action: broker          start on c-pa-1
 * Pseudo action:   cl-broker_running_0
 * Pseudo action:   cl-broker-vips_start_0
 * Resource action: broker          monitor=10000 on c-pa-1
 * Resource action: broker-vips:1   start on c-pa-1
 * Pseudo action:   cl-broker-vips_running_0
 * Resource action: broker-vips:1   monitor=30000 on c-pa-1

What could be a reason to stop unique clone instance so early for move?

I tried different clone/order configurations, including cl-broker-vips:interleave=false, broker-vips-after-broker:score=inf and
broker-vips-after-broker:symmetrical=false, but picture is always the same: broker-vips:1 is
stopped first of all.

Complete crm_report is available if needed.


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