[Pacemaker] [Planning] Organizing HA Summit 2015

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Tue Jan 13 00:31:22 EST 2015

Hi all,

   With Fabio away for now, I (and others) are working on the final 
preparations for the summit. This is your chance to speak up and 
influence the planning! Objections/suggestions? Speak now please. :)

   In particular, please raise topics you want to discuss. Either add 
them to the wiki directly or email me and I will update the wiki for 
you. (Note that registration is closed because of spammers, if you want 
an account just let me know and I'll open it back up).

The plan is;

* Informal atmosphere with limited structure to make sure key topics are 

Two ways topics will be discussed;

** Someone will guide a given topic they want to raise for ~45 minutes, 
15 minutes for Q&A

** "Round-table" style discussion with no one person leading (though it 
would be nice to have someone taking notes).

People presenting are asked not to use slides. Hand-outs are fine and 
either a white-board or paper flip-board will be available for 
illustrating ideas and flushing out concepts.

The summit will start at 9:00 and go until 17:00. We'll go for a 
semi-official summit dinner and drinks around 6pm on the 4th (location 
to be determined). Those staying in Brno are more than welcome to join 
an informal dinner and drinks (and possibly some sight-seeing, etc) the 
evening of the 5th.

Any concerns/comments/suggestions, please speak up ASAP!

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