[Pacemaker] Pacemaker + drbd + Cman Error: gfs_controld join connect error: Connection refused error mounting lockproto lock_dlm

raby shonguiz at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 17:39:45 EST 2015

Hi i am following the cluster from scratch guide to set up an active active
drbd configuration. here is my configuration
Ubuntu 12 kernel 3.11.0-19-generic
pacemaker 1.1.6
corosync 1.4.2
cman 3.1.7
gfs2 3.1.3

I am trying to do
*mount /dev/drbd1*
and i get this message

*gfs_controld join connect error: Connection refusederror mounting
lockproto lock_dlm*

here is the corosync configuration:

*# Please read the corosync.conf.5 manual pagecompatibility: whitetanktotem
{    version: 2    secauth: off    threads: 0    interface {
member {                        memberaddr:
}                member {                        memberaddr:                }        ringnumber: 0bindnetaddr: 4000        ttl: 1
}}logging {    fileline: off    to_stderr: no    to_logfile: yes
to_syslog: yes    logfile: /var/log/cluster/corosync.log    debug: off
timestamp: on    logger_subsys {        subsys: AMF        debug: off
}}amf {    mode: disabled}service { # Load the Pacemaker Cluster Resource
Manager ver: 1 name: pacemaker } aisexec { user: root group: root }*

The cluster.conf configuration

*<?xml version="1.0"?><cluster config_version="1" name="PcmkCluster">
<logging debug="off"/>    <clusternodes>        <clusternode name="pcmk-1"
nodeid="1">            <fence>                <method
name="pcmk-redirect">                    <device name="pcmk"
port="pcmk-1"/>                </method>            </fence>
</clusternode>        <clusternode name="pcmk-2" nodeid="2">
<fence>                <method name="pcmk-redirect">
<device name="pcmk" port="pcmk-2"/>                </method>
</fence>        </clusternode>    </clusternodes>    <fencedevices>
<fencedevice name="pcmk" agent="fence_pcmk"/>    </fencedevices></cluster>*

On the previous threads i have seen that you have to check how dlm is
managed but i have no idea how to check that, ant help ? thanks.
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