[Pacemaker] Cannot fail-over Master/Slave resource collocated with ping resource at the HDD crash

NAKAHIRA Kazutomo nakahira_kazutomo_b1 at lab.ntt.co.jp
Mon Feb 16 04:15:12 EST 2015

Hi all,

I encountered trouble that Master/Slave resource collocated
with ping resource can not fail-over at the HDD crash.

After HDD crash, stop operation of the ping resource is looping
and notify operation of the Master/Slave resource too.

I configured "op stop on-fail=ignore" to ping resource, but
ping resource return OCF_ERR_INSTALLED(5) and it is not ignored.

How do I configure resource to ignore operation error
even if OCF_ERR_INSTALLED is returned?
(or fence only OCF_ERR_INSTALLED is returned)

Of course, on-fail=fence make it possible to fail-over.
But, I do not want fence when OCF_ERR_GENERIC(1) is
returned in the stop operation of the ping resource.

By the way, this feature was introduced at the Pacemaker-1.1.11.


It seems that retrying operation have no meaning in this case
because it fail for all time.

If we assume the agent isn't present(rc-code="5" op-status="5")
as a hard error, then fence is better way than retry.

Best regards,

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