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Michael Schwartzkopff ms at sys4.de
Mon Nov 24 09:50:00 EST 2014

Am Montag, 24. November 2014, 15:39:57 schrieb Lars Marowsky-Bree:
> On 2014-09-08T12:30:23, "Fabio M. Di Nitto" <fdinitto at redhat.com> wrote:
> Folks, Fabio,
> thanks for organizing this and getting the ball rolling. And again sorry
> for being late to said game; I was busy elsewhere.
> However, it seems that the idea for such a HA Summit in Brno/Feb 2015
> hasn't exactly fallen on fertile grounds, even with the suggested
> user/client day. (Or if there was a lot of feedback, it wasn't
> public.)
> I wonder why that is, and if/how we can make this more attractive?
> Frankly, as might have been obvious ;-), for me the venue is an issue.
> It's not easy to reach, and I'm theoretically fairly close in Germany
> already.
> I wonder if we could increase participation with a virtual meeting (on
> either those dates or another), similar to what the Ceph Developer
> Summit does?
> Those appear really productive and make it possible for a wide range of
> interested parties from all over the world to attend, regardless of
> travel times, or even just attend select sessions (that would otherwise
> make it hard to justify travel expenses & time off).
> Alternatively, would a relocation to a more connected venue help, such
> as Vienna xor Prague?
> I'd love to get some more feedback from the community.
> As Fabio put it, yes, I *can* suck it up and go to Brno if that's where
> everyone goes to play ;-), but I'd also prefer to have a broader
> participation.


I will do some advertisement in Germany.

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