[Pacemaker] TOTEM Retransmit list in logs when a node gets up

Daniel Dehennin daniel.dehennin at baby-gnu.org
Thu Nov 13 12:54:05 EST 2014

Digimer <lists at alteeve.ca> writes:

> This generally happens if the network is slow or congested. It is
> corosync saying it needs to resend some messages. It is not uncommon
> for it to happen now and then, but that is a fairly large amount of
> retransmits.

Thanks for the explanation.

> Is your network slow or saturated often? It might be that the traffic
> from the join is enough to push a congested network to the edge.

Not really:

- two physical hosts with:
  + one 1Gb/s network card for OS (corosync network)
  + three 1Gb/s network cards in LACP bonding included in an Open

- one physical host with:
  + one 10Gb/s network card for the OS (corosync network)
  + three 10Gb/s network cards in LACP bonding included in an Open
- one KVM guest (quorum node) with:
  + one virtio card (corosync network)

- one KVM guest with:
  + one virtio card for service (OpenNebula web frontend)
  + one virtio card for corosync communications

With tcpdump I can see packets flying around on all nodes, but it looks
like there is something with my two cards KVM guest, when I start
pacemaker on it I begin to see Retransmit messages in other nodes logs.

Is there a may to know which nodes is responsible of the resend of
theses messages?

Daniel Dehennin
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