[Pacemaker] resource-discovery question

Vladislav Bogdanov bubble at hoster-ok.com
Wed Nov 12 14:28:21 EST 2014

12.11.2014 22:04, Vladislav Bogdanov wrote:
> Hi David, all,
> I'm trying to get resource-discovery="never" working with cd7c9ab, but still
> get "Not installed" probe failures from nodes which does not have
> corresponding resource agents installed.
> The only difference in my location constraints comparing to what is committed in #589
> is that they are rule-based (to match #kind). Is that supposed to work with the
> current master or still TBD?

Yep, after I modified constraint to a rule-less syntax, it works:

<rsc_location id="vlan003-on-cluster-nodes" rsc="vlan003" score="-INFINITY" node="rnode001" resource-discovery="never"/>

But I'd prefer to that killer feature to work with rules too :)
Although resource-discovery="exclusive" with score 0 for multiple nodes should probably
also work for me, correct? I cannot test that on a cluster with one cluster node and one
remote node.

> My location constraints look like:
>       <rsc_location id="vlan003-on-cluster-nodes" rsc="vlan003" resource-discovery="never">
>         <rule score="-INFINITY" id="vlan003-on-cluster-nodes-rule">
>           <expression attribute="#kind" operation="ne" value="cluster" id="vlan003-on-cluster-nodes-rule-expression"/>
>         </rule>
>       </rsc_location>
> Do I miss something?
> Best,
> Vladislav
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