[Pacemaker] colocate three resources

Alexandre alxgomz at gmail.com
Sun Nov 9 05:51:15 EST 2014

I think you can use a single colocation with a set of resources. crmsh
allows you to create such a colocation with:

crm colocation vm_with_disks inf: vm_srv ( ms_disk_R:Master
ms_disk_S:Master )

This forces the cluster to place the master resources on the same host,
starting them without specific ordering, and then start the VM along with
 Le 9 nov. 2014 11:31, "Matthias Teege" <matthias-gmane at mteege.de> a écrit :

> Hallo,
> On a cluster I have to place three resources on the same node.
> ms ms_disk_R p_disk_R
> ms ms_disk_S p_disk_S
> primitive vm_srv ocf:heartbeat:VirtualDomain
> The colocation constraints looks like this:
> colocation vm_with_disk_R inf: vm_srv ms_disk_R:Master
> colocation vm_with_disk_S inf: vm_srv ms_disk_S:Master
> Do I have to add another colocation constraint to define a
> colocation between disk_R and disk_S.  I'm not sure because the
> documentation says:
> "with-rsc: The colocation target.  The cluster will decide where to
> put this resource first and then decide where to put the resource in
> the rsc field."
> In my case the colocation targets are "ms_disk_R" and "ms_disk_S".
> If pacemaker decides to put disk_R on node A and disk_S on node B
> vm_srv would not start.
> I use order constraints to start disks before the vm resource.
> order disk_R_before_vm inf: ms_disk_R:promote vm_srv:start
> order disk_S_before_vm inf: ms_disk_S:promote vm_srv:start
> Thanks
> Matthias
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