[Pacemaker] Wiki for planning created - Re: [RFC] Organizing HA Summit 2015

Digimer lists at alteeve.ca
Thu Nov 27 11:52:18 EST 2014

I just created a dedicated/fresh wiki for planning and organizing:


Other than the domain, it has no association with any existing project, 
so it should be a neutral enough platform. Also, it's not owned by 
$megacorp (I wish!), so spying/privacy shouldn't be an issue I hope. If 
there is concern, I can setup https.

If no one else gets to it before me, I'll start collating the data from 
the mailing list onto that wiki tomorrow (maaaybe today, depends).

The wiki requires registration, but that's it. I'm not bothering with 
captchas because, in my experience, spammer walk right through them 
anyway. I do have edits email me, so I can catch and roll back any spam 

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