[Pacemaker] HA setup of MySQL service using Pacemaker/DRBD

Sihan Goi goister at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 22:07:10 EST 2014


I have a working 2 node HA setup running on CentOS 6.5 with a very simple
Apache webserver with replicated index.html using DRBD 8.4. The setup is
configured based on the "Clusters from Scratch" Edition 5 with Fedora 13.

I now with to replace Apache with a MySQL database, or just simply add it.
How can I do so? I'm guessing the following:
1 . Add MySQL service to the cluster with a "crm configure primitive"
command. I'm not sure what the params should be though, e.g. the configfile.
2. Set the same colocation/order rules.
3. Create/initialize a separate DRBD partition for MySQL (or can I reuse
the same partition as Apache assuming I'll never exceed its capacity?)
4. Copy the database/table into the mounted DRBD partition.
5. Configure the cluster for DRBD as per Chapter 7.4 of the guide.

Is this correct? Step by step instructions would be appreciated, I have
some experience in RHEL/CentOS but not in HA nor MySQL.


- Goi Sihan
goister at gmail.com
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