[Pacemaker] Configuring Dependencies and Groups in CRM

Stephan stephan at projectlabs.de
Sun Nov 16 08:54:26 EST 2014


I've a cluster with two nodes with a master-slave DRBD and filesystem. 
On top of the filesystem there are several OpenVZ containers which are 
managed by ocf:heartbeat:ManageVE.

Currently I've configured the VEs within one group together with DRBD 
and filesystem. This setup is running fine but creates a depencency 
between the VEs which is not neccessary and makes it impossible to stop 
one VE without restarting all VEs that come later in the group.

Is there any possibility to configure the filesystem as depencency for 
all VEs but not to define an order between the VEs? I've tried to create 
seperate groups for all VEs but then CRM warns that the filesystem 
resource is already in use.

Important parts from CRM:

primitive res_DRBD ocf:heartbeat:drbd
primitive res_Filesystem ocf:heartbeat:Filesystem

primitive res_ve100 ocf:heartbeat:ManageVE
primitive res_ve101 ocf:heartbeat:ManageVE
primitive res_ve102 ocf:heartbeat:ManageVE
primitive res_ve103 ocf:heartbeat:ManageVE

group group_VE res_Filesystem res_ve100 res_ve101 res_ve102 res_ve103

ms ms_DRBD res_DRBD

colocation col_FSDRBD inf: group_VE ms_DRBD:Master

order order_DRBDFS inf: ms_DRBD:promote group_VE:start

Thanks, Stephan

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