[Pacemaker] doubt when cloning a resource

david escartin descartin at systemonenoc.com
Fri Nov 14 11:17:14 EST 2014

Hello all

we are trying to have in a 2 node cluster one resource TEST  (LSB type)
cloned but we woul like to have it running in the 2 nodes and be able to
stop and start it on each independently
then we would like to associate to it some virtual iP type OCF using a
location or something like that

but when trying to do that using gloal-unique, i get an error and seems
the system is not working well.
crm configure clone TEST-clone TEST meta globally-unique="true"
Warnings found during check: config may not be valid
Do you still want to commit (y/n)? n

and if i create the clone normally, then if i stop the resource in one
node, it stops also in the other

do you please have any clue to perform this?

thanks a lot and regards
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