[Pacemaker] Notes on pacemaker installation on OmniOS

Vincenzo Pii piiv at zhaw.ch
Thu Nov 13 03:09:06 EST 2014


I have written down my notes on the setup of pacemaker and corosync on
IllumOS (OmniOS).

This is just the basic setup, to be in condition of running the Dummy
resource agent. It took me quite some time to get this done, so I want to
share what I did assuming that this may help someone else.

Here's the link:

A few things:

 * Maybe this setup is not optimal for how resource agents are managed by
the hacluster user instead of root. This led to some problems, check this
 * I took some scripts and the general procedure from Andreas and his page
here: http://grueni.github.io/libqb/. Many thanks!


Vincenzo Pii
Researcher, InIT Cloud Computing Lab
Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)
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