[Pacemaker] How to avoid CRM sending stop when ha.cf gets 2nd node configured

aridh bose aridbh at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 7 19:58:36 EST 2014

While using heartbeat and pacemaker, is it possible to bringup first node which can go as Master, followed by second node which should go as Slave without causing any issues to the first node? Currently, I see a  couple of problems in achieving this:1. Assuming I am not using mcast communication, heartbeat is mandating me to configure second node info either in ha.cf or in /etc/hosts file with associated IP address. Why can't it come up by itself as Master to start with?
2. If I update ha.cf with the 2nd node info and use 'heartbeat -r' CRM first sends stop on the Master before sending start.
Appreciate any help or pointers.
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