[Pacemaker] environment variable for current timeout

Felix Zachlod fz.lists at sis-gmbh.info
Tue Nov 4 07:57:30 EST 2014


one thing in advance, yes I have read the OCF developer guide and I know 
that generally the cluster manager should take care of timeouts.

Anyway I am in a special situation where I want my resource agent to 
monitor a timeout itself and return rather "partly configured" then to 
timeout, so I would like to wait $timeout minus let's say 3 seconds in 
the RA itself and then return. A better solution would be a return code 
where the RA could tell the cluster manager that it could only start a 
part of the resources and the clustermanager would decide to try if it 
can come to a better solution using another node, but I don't see that 
anything like this would be possible.

So for my RA to do this I would need access to an environment variable 
that specifies the timeout of a specific action.

Does something like this exist?

Thank you in advance,
regards, Felix

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