[Pacemaker] Occasional nonsensical resource agent errors, redux

Patrick Kane pmk at wawd.com
Sat Nov 1 08:03:12 EDT 2014

Hi all:

In July, list member Ken Gaillot reported occasional nonsensical resource
agent errors using Pacemaker (

We're seeing similar issues with our install.  We have a 2 node
corosync/pacemaker failover configuration that is using the
resource agent extensively. About once a week, we'll get an error like
this, out of the blue:

Nov 1 05:23:57 lb02 IPaddr2(anon_ip)[32312]: ERROR: Setup problem: couldn't
find command: ip

It goes without saying that the ip command hasn't gone anywhere and all the
paths are configured correctly.

We're currently running 1.1.10-14.el6_5.3-368c726 under CentOS 6 x86_64
inside of a xen container.

Any thoughts from folks on what might be happening or how we can get
additional debug information to help figure out what's triggering this?

Patrick Michael Kane
<pmk at wawd.com>
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