[Pacemaker] unexpected demote request on master

Andrew Beekhof andrew at beekhof.net
Sun May 25 23:24:34 EDT 2014

On 22 May 2014, at 11:20 pm, K Mehta <kiranmehta1981 at gmail.com> wrote:

> > May 13 01:38:36 vsanqa28 pengine[4310]:   notice: LogActions: Promote vha-924bf029-93a2-41a0-adcf-f1c1a42956e5:0#011(Slave -> Master vsanqa28)
> > May 13 01:38:36 vsanqa28 pengine[4310]:   notice: LogActions: Demote  vha-924bf029-93a2-41a0-adcf-f1c1a42956e5:1#011(Master -> Slave vsanqa27)  <<<<< Why did this happen ?
> attach the file mentioned on the next line and we might be able to find out

Quick question, do you understand what globally-unique=false means and are you sure you want it?
If the answer is 'yes and yes', are you sure that your agent is using crm_master correctly?

If I run, 'tools/crm_simulate -Sx ~/Downloads/pe-input-818.bz2 -s | grep vha-924bf029-93a2-41a0-adcf-f1c1a42956e5', I see: 

vha-924bf029-93a2-41a0-adcf-f1c1a42956e5:0 promotion score on vsanqa28: INFINITY
vha-924bf029-93a2-41a0-adcf-f1c1a42956e5:1 promotion score on vsanqa27: 2

Although much of the 'INFINITY' is probably from:

      <rsc_location id="location-ms-924bf029-93a2-41a0-adcf-f1c1a42956e5-vsanqa28-INFINITY" node="vsanqa28" rsc="ms-924bf029-93a2-41a0-adcf-f1c1a42956e5" score="INFINITY"/>

This is somewhat odd to include for a clone/master resource.
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