[Pacemaker] auto_tie_breaker in two node cluster

Jan Friesse jfriesse at redhat.com
Wed May 21 03:54:28 EDT 2014

> I am not quite understand how auto_tie_breaker works.
> Say we have a cluster with 2 nodes and enabled auto_tie_breaker feature.
> Each node has 2 NICs. One NIC is used for cluster communication and another
> one is used for providing some services from the cluster.
> So the question is how the nodes will distinguish between two possible
> situations:
> 1) connection between the nodes are lost, but the both nodes remain working;
> 2) power supply on the node 1 (has the lowest node-id) broke down and node
> 2 remain working;
> In 1st case, according to the description of the auto_tie_breaker, the node
> with the lowest node-id in the cluster will remain working.
> And in that particular situation it is good result because the both nodes
> are in good state (the both can remain working).
> In 2nd case the only working node is #2 and the node-id of that node is not
> the lowest one. So what will be in this case? What logic will work, because
> we have lost the node with the lowest node id in 2-node cluster?
>> there is no qdiskd for votequorum yet
> Is there plans to implement it?

yes there are plans to implement qdisk (network based one).


> Many thanks,
> Kostya
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