[Pacemaker] If 256 resources are load(ed), crmd will reboot.

Yusuke Iida yusk.iida at gmail.com
Wed May 28 04:42:09 EDT 2014

Hi, Andrew

I made the cluster load a setup to which 256 resources are started using crmsh.
At this time, crmd changed into the S_RECOVERY state and rebooted.

May 28 17:08:00 [14194] vm02       crmd:    error:
config_query_callback: Local CIB query resulted in an error: Timer
May 28 17:08:00 [14194] vm02       crmd:     info:
register_fsa_error_adv: Resetting the current action list
May 28 17:08:00 [14194] vm02       crmd:    error: do_log: FSA: Input
I_ERROR from config_query_callback() received in state S_POLICY_ENGINE
May 28 17:08:00 [14194] vm02       crmd:  warning:
do_state_transition: State transition S_POLICY_ENGINE -> S_RECOVERY [
input=I_ERROR cause=C_FSA_INTERNAL origin=config_query_callback ]
May 28 17:08:00 [14194] vm02       crmd:  warning: do_recover:
Fast-tracking shutdown in response to errors
May 28 17:08:00 [14194] vm02       crmd:  warning: do_election_vote:
Not voting in election, we're in state S_RECOVERY

I think that query performed in large quantities cannot be processed.
Before implementing cib_performance, abort_transition() was called only once.

Is this corrected?

report when a problem occurs is attached.


Yusuke Iida
Mail: yusk.iida at gmail.com

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