[Pacemaker] pacemaker not started by corosync on ubuntu 14.04

Vladimir ml at foomx.de
Sat May 10 11:50:14 EDT 2014

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to get corosync/pacemaker run on Ubuntu 14.04. In my Ubuntu
12.04 setups pacemaker was started by corosync. Actually I thought the
"service {...}" section in the corosync.conf is specified for this
purpose. Of course I could put pacemaker into the runlevel but I asked
myself if the behaviour was just changed or if I maybe have a mistake in
my corosync.conf.

I started with this minimal corosync.conf:

totem {
        version: 2
        secauth: off
        interface {
                ringnumber: 0
                mcastport: 5405

service {
	name: pacemaker
	ver: 1

quorum {
        provider: corosync_votequorum
	expected_votes: 2

aisexec {
        user:   root
        group:  root

logging {
        fileline: off
        to_stderr: yes
        to_logfile: no
        to_syslog: yes
        syslog_facility: daemon
        debug: on
        timestamp: on
        logger_subsys {
                subsys: AMF
                debug: off
                tags: enter|leave|trace1|trace2|trace3|trace4|trace6

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

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