[Pacemaker] Enabling pacemaker debug logging while running

Andreas Mock andreas.mock at web.de
Mon Mar 24 07:55:31 EDT 2014

Hi Andrew,

thank you for your answer. I found that blog entry before.

I'm pretty sure I'm too stupid to get my information out
of that blog entry.

You write there:
"[...] If the level of detail in the cluster log file is still insufficient,
or you simply wish to go blind, you can turn on debugging in Corosync/CMAN,
or set PCMK_debug in /etc/sysconfig/pacemaker.[...]".

I did enable the debug option in cman as I described in my
initial post. But it seemed that this option change was only
propagated to corosync but not to pacemaker (and resource
agents). Does this and the reference to PCMK_debug mean that
I can't enable debugging in pacemaker without restart?

Or is the "only" option the backbox feature?

Best regards
Andreas Mock

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On 20 Mar 2014, at 11:24 pm, Andreas Mock <Andreas.Mock at web.de> wrote:

> Hi all,
> today I faced a problem which I couldn't solve reading
> several man pages and other found hint on the web.
> I have a clone of RHEL 6.5, cman based cluster and 
> pacemaker 1.1.10+. I was able to change the value
> debug="on" in cluster.conf as described in the man page.
> I was able to propagate this change with 'cman_tool -r -S version'.
> The result was, that I could see debug messages from
> the corosync layer, vut not from pacemaker and agents.
> What do I have to do to enable debug logging of pacemaker at
> runtime? (And how can I switch it off afterwards?)


> Best regards
> Andreas Mock
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