[Pacemaker] [SOLVED] pcs and lsb resource

Dori Seliskar dori at delo.si
Mon Mar 24 07:00:37 EDT 2014

On Friday, March 21, 2014 08:59:27 pm David Vossel wrote:
> This could be a pcs bug. If using --force works, this is definitely a pcs bug.  pcs is supposed to be looking through /etc/init.d/* on the local machine for valid lsb scripts before applying a lsb resource into the cluster config. Maybe it isn't matching right in the f20 pcs package. 
> -- Vossel


pcs version 0.9.44 which ships with Fedora 20 doesn't support LSB scripts, which are supported just fine in version 0.9.48.
After upgrade all works as supposed.

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